DOST 8 Northern Samar PSTC grants assistance for BOBON community project

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mayor of Bobon Hon Reny Celespara receives check from PSTD Veronica Laguitan
The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through its Grants-in-Aid {GIA) Program continues to implement the "Community Empowerment through Science & Technology (CEST) Project for Bobon, Northern Samar", CEST project is a battery of technological interventions targeted to spur livelihood and economic activities of the community to effect immediate and significant impact in poverty alleviation.

The project is not a stand-alone involvement but complements the development initiatives of other government institutions like DAR, DA. NIA, UEP, DOLE. DTI, other government and non-government organizations.

Project implementation will involve the adoption of DOST-PCAARRD technologies on goat and native chicken production. Goat is one of the most important animals raised for meat purposes by rural households in Brgy. Salvacion, Bobon, Northern Samar, as an off-shoot of the goat dispersal program of the Department of Agriculture.

Its production could be considered as a sunrise industry that is slowly gaining favor among investors. This small ruminant has been described as a poor man's cow because of its immense contribution to the poor man's economy. Being small-sized animals, goats can easily be managed by women and children.

Feeding, milking and care of goats do not require much equipment and hard work. Also. marginal farmers of the community raised native chickens to supply their families with eggs and occasionally for meat consumption, for barter or for sale and these are claimed to be more tastier and savory than those of commercial breeds.

In totality, this CEST. Phase II project aims to supplement the Establishment of Native Chicken and Chevon Production Center in Brgy. Salvacion and a Common Service Facility (CSF) for Rice Milling intended for the upstream barangays of Bobon, Northern Samar to be located in Brgy.Acereda. Smooth operation of these facilities by the barangays of Salvacion and Acereda as project beneficiaries is highly expected to promote entrepreneurship that will curb poverty and ensure food sufficiency in the remote areas of the municipality of Bobon, Northern Samar.

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